M O D E R N  C L A S S I C  'R e u n i o n'
'Reunion' is inspired by my past experience of exhibiting at the wonderful Art House Leicester - and by the beautiful sculpture that welcomed artists and visitors alike. 
These bold, minimalist prints look great in both a modern or classic setting.
Please contact me (hello@monicachrys.co.uk) if you'd like to purchase these artworks
Citrus  ©MonicaChrysostomou
Citrus ©MonicaChrysostomou
Blush  ©MonicaChrysostomou
Blush ©MonicaChrysostomou
Berries  ©MonicaChrysostomou
Berries ©MonicaChrysostomou
​​​​​​​Order 'Reunion' individually (£33.50 each); 10% discount for 2 or more
​​​​​​​Reunion artworks: printed to order on 8x10", using archival paper and inks.
Delivered unframed in a protective sleeve. On-screen visuals are for reference only
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